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Year of the doctor

Babyice has been sick again. On Wednesday night Rudi was at darts and he was coughing so badly after he went to bed that I kept wanting to go into his room to check on him. I didn’t though. He has always been the type of child that has a coughing fit, and continues to sleep afterwards (which is lovely to be honest). On Thursday morning when we went to fetch him from his room we realized that he had vomited in his bed and just carried on sleeping! Luckily he vomited on his pillow and moved to a different part of the bed to continue his sleep, so he wasn’t covered in it and we didn’t have to bath/wipe him down and be late for work.


I had a surprisingly productive night last night. I got home feeling tired, but stripped his bed and got it into the wash. I then cleaned the kitchen, packed/unpacked the dishwasher and tried to relax. Rudi then decided to fetch our lounge carpet from the in laws where we had taken it to give it a proper clean and hang it out to dry. He took Babyice with him and I vacuumed and mopped all the floors. Then I cleaned the bathroom and bathed Babyice and put him to bed while Rudi put new bedding on for him. By that time it was already late and I put Babyice to bed. He was still coughing a bit last night, but not as much as the previous night. I also put the humidifier on in his room to try and alleviate his cough. Despite our best efforts and dosing him he still woke us up at about 4:00AM. He came to lie in our bed and cough in my face and kick me and requested a bottle. He just wouldn’t let me get back to sleep šŸ™ I am so tired today it isn’t funny! Being awake that time of the morning wasn’t the worst part. The worst part is that I realized my nose is blocked and my throat is starting to get sore. Balls. I scratched out the Echinaforce this morning and dosed myself. It worked for me last year and I’m sure to use it again this year! I’m going to the pharmacy later to get some meds for Babyice (and us). Various peopleĀ have recommended Kali Mur tissue salts for the snots. I have also been told Septoguard is really good and he is almost out of Deselex ($$$$$). I think now that he is two I’ll also give him some Echinaforce.


By the looks of things, 2012 is the year of the doctor. I’ve busted my knee. Rudi has been to the doctor (and he rarely goes). The colonoscopy. Specialists. This is the second time this year that Babyice is sick. It’s not even winter yet! The medical aid savings has already taken a huge knock just on consultations! I hope I’m wrong and that we’ve had the brunt of it now. Medical bills AND forking over thousands to the medical aid every month is seriously depressing. THERE I might have something to be depressed about.


It’s Rudi’s birthday weekend (his birthday is on Sunday) and I have organized him a little surprise. I have to keep it quiet online until he has actually seen it this afternoon after work. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve managed to keep a secret from him for so long! The coolest thing is, he found out about his surprise on the radio! We were driving to work listening to our favourite morning breakfast show on 94.5 KFMĀ when the presenter Ryan ‘O Connor asked what everyone was up to over the weekend. I tweeted him to say it was Rudi’s birthday and that I had a surprise lined up for him. I got out of the car and when a colleagueĀ arrived at work he asked me ‘So what is the surprise?’. Ryan had read my tweet on air and Rudi had heard it šŸ™‚ I thought that was a pretty cool way to announce the surprise.


So here’s hoping that the meds I get don’t break the bank and help us all get better before next week!