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Worries and Achievements

Yesterday when we picked Babyice up from the day mother I realized he felt a bit warm. I took his temperature and it was indeed 38 degrees. He seemed fine otherwise, so I gave him some Panado and we went to gym. He was okay for the rest of the evening and even though his temperature was still elevated before bedtime, I didn’t want to give him any more medicine in case it was necessary during the night. He didn’t need anything during the night and his temperature was still up slightly this morning. We tried to give him something, but he refused.


We advised the day mother of his symptoms and that she should keep an eye on his temp. I called her just now and she says he is miserable as sin today and she had already given him Ponstel in the morning. He is crying for *everything*. In fact, he started crying while I was speaking to her on the phone. Such a heart sore cry 🙁 Clearly he isn’t feeling well, but what can it be? He has no other symptoms besides the fever and misery. I’m still hoping it’s teething, but we’ve never had a fever of 38 or more while he was cutting teeth. He is working on popping out his canines now, which I have been warned about over and over again. I’m just not sure. This uncertainty is such a killer. I don’t like to mess around with fevers, but if he isn’t coughing/have a runny tummy/rash, etc…I don’t think it’s necessary to take him to the doctor. We only have one doctor’s appointment left on the medical aid and will need to pay the medicine out of pocket. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to use that last appointment until the very end of the year. Bah. I hate this. I’ll nurse him tonight and hopefully he’ll feel better soon. I think we should buy some vanilla ice cream to help bring his fever down. He can have that for supper. I’m sure he won’t mind 😉 Ice cream, a luke warm bath and suppository before bed will hopefully sort him out.


Last night we went to gym. I was tired, but did not hesitate at the chance to go. I need to go. I can feel myself slipping and there is no way I’m going back there. I just can’t. Apparently I need to do a lot of cardio to burn fat. I really should research this because I’m quite confused. Cardio = good for weight loss, but my personal trainer told me muscle eats fat, so it’s important to build muscle too. I decided to do a cardio session since I did a cardio/weights session when I was there (once) the week before. I had also read somewhere that it is important to increase the difficulty of your cardio workout gradually. So I upped the level of the elliptical to 8 (I usually use level 7). 7 minutes into the workout I was ready to get off, but I pushed through to 10 minutes and discarded my plan of completing 20 minutes on the elliptical. I decided to cycle for 20 minutes instead of 10 like I usually do.  I got onto a bike, set it to level 4 and started my cycle. I didn’t program it for hills or anything, just a flat since it’s the first time I would be cycling for so long. I managed to do 8 kilometres in 20:35! That is the furthest I have ever cycled in my life! As I get fitter and stronger I’ll put the hills and stuff in and up the level progressively. I also did 60 sit ups holding a 3 kg ball and then I was done for. I’d worked up a good sweat and still feel chuffed with my workout today 😀


I was really hoping to go to gym again tonight, but it seems I’ll have to stay home and nurse my baba. Rudi will go tonight and I will go tomorrow night while he stays with Babyice. I really prefer it when we all go to gym together, but my baby needs me and my body can wait until tomorrow.