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What a weekend!

We had a fabulous weekend!


On Saturday morning I woke up and knew it was going to be a lovely day, so I took advantage of the good weather to do some washing (how OLD am I getting?!). It took me ages to clean the kitchen and once that was done I helped Rudi retrieve the Christmas tree and decorations from the ceiling. We have been hankering to put the tree up for a long time, but have been very busy over weekends. Last week the first Christmas gift was wrapped up for Babyice and there was nowhere to put it, so there was no more putting it off! Babyice is having a lovely time pulling balls and decorations off of the tree, he even went as far as to find something to stand on so he could reach the ones that are higher up. Mischievous little bugger! He thinks it is hilarious to touch a decoration and waits for me to say ‘Leave it!’ before he bursts out laughing.


Christmas Tree


Christmas lights


After all of that was done and Babyice was down for his nap I noticed Rudi had fallen asleep in front of the TV watching the cricket. I was going to have a shower, but decided to and nap myself for a change! I think I managed about an hour before Babyice woke up and the radio was turned up to wake me up too. I finally got into the shower and we started preparing to go for a kiddies party.


We made our way over to Camilla and Dennis’ house for their son’s 6th birthday. They decided to have a pool party and the weather was awesome, so I packed up all Babyice’s swimming gear. Oh my did he have a blast! His teeth were chattering to the point where his cheeks looked like they were vibrating, but he refused to get out of the pool! People were amazed at his courage as he repeatedly got out of the pool and walked around to the edge to jump into his daddy’s arms:




Safe 🙂


We had to be careful though, because he would jump even if you weren’t looking! Rudi got tired of being in the pool all the time, but Babyice would keep on running back for more. Eventually we had no choice but to take him out and he kicked and screamed while we changed his clothes, but once he was dressed he found other ways to occupy himself. Luckily a few of the other kids had also gotten out of the pool and they were running around too. The kids had hot dogs for lunch and a slip and slide later in the day providing many squeals of glee. Babyice refused to go on the slip and slide, but had fun watching the other kids:


Just the worsie for me!


Slip and slide


Babyice had a WONDERFUL time. The rest of the day saw him and the other children running around after each other and playing ball on the lawn. We managed to get him home and in bed by 21:00. He was pooped! He slept like a log and only woke up at 06:45 on Sunday morning 🙂


We had another big day ahead of us on Sunday as it was our year end “Family Fun Day” at Ratanga Junction. We teamed up with Mini G and his friend Willem and took on the park together. Mini G kindly offered to look after Babyice if Rudi and I wanted to go on any of the rides together. We had such a great time! The weather wasn’t perfect as it was raining every now and then, but we only had one real shower while we were there. The ‘bad’ weather was a blessing in disguise. If we had the same weather as we had the day before we probably would have burnt to a crisp! Rudi and I managed to go on The Cobra, Crocodile Gorge and Monkey Falls. I got soaked on Monkey Falls and we went on Crocodile Gorge towards the end of the day and my entire bum got wet! It was still wet when we got home and I had to peel my jeans off! There weren’t too many rides that Babyice could go on since he is still too small, but we took him on one or two very boring rides. He didn’t seem excited at all and didn’t want to go on the merry go round. We only took pictures of him on the baby ferris wheel and a few more during the day:


Boring ride


Ice cream!


Chasing chickens (really!)


HATED this thing. Couldn't get a nice photo.


Uncle Willen helped look after me 🙂


Painted face 🙂


Happy boy 🙂


And last, but not least, our family photo for the day:


Family Photo 🙂

We all had a fabulous weekend. I think we enjoyed it just *that* much more because of all the fun Babyice had. It is very rare that I feel like I’ve had a great weekend, but there is no doubt this time 🙂