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What a weekend!

The shower:


My baby shower was this weekend. Truth is, I knew when it was happening. If I hadn’t known I would have by the time it did as some people sent me messages on Saturday morning to say they couldn’t make it. Amazing how many people actually didn’t make it. Over 30 people RSVP’d, but there were a total of 12 guests. 4 of which are related to me and 1 of which is my grandmother’s neighbour. My main disappointment is that Leebeesa went to a LOT of trouble and catered for the guests who said they would come and they let her down. I do not want her to feel for one minute that their lack of presence had anything to do with her. They missed out! Not surprisingly the people that really mattered were there. The #pinkdrink crew was out in full force!



 The friends:


Two colleagues (besides Leebeesa) were there. Laiqah (and baby Isa) and Colleen came through. My grandmother, aunt, great aunt (my grandmother’s sister) and my great great aunt were there. My grandmother also brought her neighbour, Auntie Maria. Of course my mother in law was there also.


Then…the internet girls! @Ann_Wilson, @al_ice, @cc_monkey, @cazpi, @anib and @whizper2me were all there. It was practically a tweetup! @kambabe and @Riven16 couldn’t be there, but both sent their greetings and gifts. @queenofcomplex is from Johannesburg and even though she couldn’t be there, so was roped @al_ice in to go shopping for her so she could also send a gift 🙂


I just realized there is not 1 photo of @cazpi, but she was behind the camera almost all the time 🙂



The Games:


Leebeesa involved all the guests by having games for them to play and prizes for them to win 🙂 Baby showers can be mighty boring for the guests, but Leebeesa made sure everyone was entertained. The first game they played was to pass a dummy from one guest to another using a skewer stick held in their mouths. No hands! Once everyone got used to it she was forced to shorten the sticks to make it more difficult, eventually the two last contestants were too good and had to pick which hand she was holding the dummy in to determine a winner. Colleen came out tops!


Another game played later on involved everyone guessing my current girth. A ball of wool and a scissor was passed around and everyone had to cut a length of wool they thought would fit around me. Only one of my guests underestimated! @cazpi won that one…her length of wool fitted my waist and bump perfectly! I don’t know what the hell my aunt was thinking. She could walk around me about 4 times with the piece she cut! Looking at the pictures later, I also noticed that the some of the ladies had fun playing on the see saw before I arrived 🙂



 The punishments:


A baby shower wouldn’t be a baby shower without some forfeits or “punishments” and a bit of a dress up. I wasn’t terribly good at guessing things, although I didn’t get everything wrong! I don’t mind a bit of forfeiting. I’m a good sport when it comes to things like that and none of them were so bad that I didn’t want to partake. I had to sing for my baby (which I was to hold throughout the shower, but handed over to @al_ice every now and then to babysit). I also had to change his soiled nappy…luckily it was wasn’t dog poop or something. The nappy was filled with peanut butter and a chocolate that was meant to look like poo…it did look pretty gross! I also had to eat prune flavoured baby food, as well as apple. There was also the mandatory sticking of my face in flour…it’s all good though…I enjoyed it! I didn’t have to partake in the punishment alone…I got to feed @al_ice some baby food too 🙂




The surprises:


Now if you’ve been looking carefully, you would have noticed someone in the pictures I haven’t mentioned. Angel flew all the way down from Johannesburg for my baby shower! She had said months ago that she would try to, but I really didn’t expect her to. Her and Rudi arranged everything on the quiet and managed to completely fool me! Rudi SUCKS at keeping secrets. I am super impressed that he managed to get away with it! He had been acting strange with regards to the baby shower, but I suspected nothing. I prompted him and asked him questions, trying to find out what he was hiding, but he managed to convince me that he was telling the truth. After the fact he told me he was relieved I hadn’t asked him to promise that he was telling the truth and in hindsight I’m glad I didn’t 🙂


He told me about two weeks ago that he had accidentally called Angel instead of me (my name is programmed on his phone as Angel Face) and she had apologized and said she wouldn’t be able to make it. Even though I was slightly disappointed I really understood. It seems almost silly to come so far for a baby shower! He then had to find a way to get out of the house to pick her up from the airport. He cooked up a story about having to fetch his cousin who was flying down from Johannesburg. It seemed a bit odd to me since he hasn’t seen her in years…I asked him probing questions about what time her flight was and where he should meet her. He sailed through them. When he came back I was still suspicious and asked him what she looks like now, etc. Again, he was fully prepared and I was totally convinced.


The evening before the baby shower he also insisted that the house be cleaned and tidied ‘in case someone wanted to come back with me afterwards’. I told him I couldn’t care less and gave him a ton of grief about it. He whined until I complied and again, I am grateful that he did!


When I walked into the venue I had to do a double take to realize that Angel was there. I squealed with delight! I couldn’t believe it! I felt so special! As if having her there wasn’t enough she brought with presents and CUPCAKES! Angel is renowned for her cupcakes. I’ve been ragging on her for months and months about how I’m sick of drooling over her Facebook pictures of all her stunning cupcakes and how I will never ever get to taste one. You’ll remember she also baked cupcakes for Jamie’s first birthday, which I didn’t get to have any of 😛


Angel stayed over at our house the Saturday evening. We got to chill together (Rudi went over to Fence for a braai – the ONE time I didn’t mind!), eat pizza…talk for ages and ages and fail at watching The Proposal (we tried, but it just wasn’t meant to be). Having Angel here was such a blessing, in more ways than one. She loves to organize and gave me some great ideas for organizing Babyice’s things and helped me get started with organizing the gifts that we got. I showed her all Babyice’s things and she helped me to set up the cot and stuff. She kicked my ass into gear a bit! 🙂 Thank you millions, Angel…for everything. Love you muchly! xxx




The loot:


Oh my. Where do I begin? I was SO thoroughly spoilt!  I receive so many gifts. More than I could have asked for! To list all the things that I received would triple this post in length. I got a range of lovely things. Not only clothes, but toiletries, toys, blankets, towels, nappies, wipes and even appliances!


Some of the bigger things included a humidifier, a voice activated musical night light, a microwave bottle steriliser and two handmade quilts. One isn’t exactly a quilt…it’s called a quillow I think. It’s a quilt…that folds into a pillow. Ingenious!


We really got very many beautiful, wonderful gifts. Thank you so much to everyone for the things they brought/bought/made. From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate each and every item!


Thank you to everyone who made my day special. Thank you to Leebeesa for all her hard work and effort she put in. Thank you to @cazpi and Angel for taking photos.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!



P.S. You can click on the collages to englarge them.