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Weekend updates

Sjoe. So tired. In the midst of a 12 day working week. One of our products broke on Saturday and we walked into a black hole. It sucked up my entire day. In the end we received almost 7 000 complaints. It took a lot of time to process and we were only two staff members on duty. I was not amused!

On Saturday evening we were invited to a friend/colleague’s 30th birthday party. We dropped Babyice off at the in laws for the night and went through for the party. MiniG really knows how to throw one! There were platters with food for all tastes. A variety of cheeses with different biscuits, mini pizzas, samoosas, pressed beef, a selection of fruit with a chocolate fountain….and so much more! He put on a proper spread! Outside next to the large pool he had an area set up with fabric and fairy lights above you, a few couches and an area with pillows against the wall. A DJ set up in the corner and once the music got going the party was ON! He also had a selection of beers and ciders available, as well as a very dangerous punch. The whole party had a “club” vibe with the DJ playing house music. The whole setup felt like a chill area. Rudi and I really enjoyed ourselves. We met a lot of new people (since I didn’t know anybody except the birthday boy). The punch had quite a kick and just a few glasses saw me tipsy. We didn’t stay very late since I was working on Sunday again. We had a huge problem at work on Saturday and I knew that Sunday would involve a lot of follow up on that. We got home around 1am. Quite late for us old people who like to go to bed at 20:30!

The planning for Babyice’s party is in full swing. We’ve sort of decided on a luau as a theme. The idea stemmed from the jumping castle that we are hiring for the day:

Jumping Castle

See the palm tree on the left? My friend that has been helping me with the planning has taken it upon herself to make leis for all the guests. Originally we thought we would just buy them, but they are between R10 and R15 each, which is a bit pricey for a 1 year old’s birthday party if you ask me. She really loved the idea of the leis and devised a plan to get them cheaper. She bought plastic carnations from a chinese shop, took them apart and used elasticated thread to string the petals on. In between the petals she cut pieces of straw (courtesy of Clicks I believe) to keep them from bunching up (we saw this on the leis that were for sale). Here is the final product:


I think they are STUNNING! We are now able to make enough for everybody who will be attending (children and adults) for under R100! I’m so glad that I have help. I never would have been able to plan such lovely things on such a small budget. She really IS good at it.

Otherwise I have purchased a plastic bucket with a lid for each child (purple for the girls, green for the boys), Nemo themed bubbles that have a small game in the lid (the one where you guide the small ball around the grooves), invitations, tablecloths and sea themed stickers to decorate the buckets. We still intend to get a “1” candle and some sparklers for extra fun! After asking Twitter whether the bubbles were enough as party favours, I received an overwhelming response from everyone saying that it was more than enough. We will be putting a few sweets in the buckets, like a small packet of chips, a small fizzer and a lollipop.

There will be cupcakes, birthday cake, cone windmills with marshmallows in the centre and chips. I think that is over enough food! We’ll buy a few small samoosas/pies/snacky things for the adults. So the party is sorted! Sound good?