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Weekend update

The weekend was pretty chilled. We went to get a new phone for Rudi on Saturday. He did get the Samsung Star. I’ve changed my mind about lusting after the phone though. It has no 3G or HSDPA. Now we can’t have that, now can we? I also get to play with it whenever I want…so it’s not too bad. The rest of the day was chilled and I snuck in a 2 hour nap which was great.


Sunday was a little less relaxed. I tried my best to get some extra sleep, but unexpected guests (how rude!) arrived and roused me from bed. They didn’t stay too long and when I tried to go back to sleep for a while the phone kept ringing. I should have switched them both off!


We went to the in laws for a braai, which turned out quite nice. I must say I am feeling pretty pooped lately. The more I sleep, the more sleep I seem to need. Actually, that’s not true. Even if I do get my 8 hours, I seem to need much more sleep. If I was a lady of leisure I could get all the sleep I need *sigh* a girl can dream!


Despite all of that my Monday hasn’t been too bad at all 🙂 Yours?