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Weekend plans and more

So my grandfather has received his results from his scan. It’s not good news. He has additional spots on his liver now and it seems to be spreading. His oncologist wants him to come in to see him on Monday so that they can discuss a treatment plan. The oncologist has already said he wants my grandfather to go back on chemo.  When I spoke to him last night, he didn’t sound dead set against it. In fact, he didn’t say he wouldn’t do it at all. He said he discussed this with his employer and his advice was to discuss ‘maintenance’ chemo with his oncologist. Apparently this involves monthly chemo treatments which keep the cancer isolated and prevents it from spreading any further. My grandmother says he wants to fight it, but on the other hand he would rather control it. He seems to think that will be easier, but he’ll have a hard time getting that past the medical aid. Monthly chemo treatments for one year cost R600 000. KaCHING.


My Evil Mother is stressing my grandparents out, but I’ve held firm. My grandparents need to understand that they allow these things to happen to them and stress them out and I can no longer listen to or deal with it. Last night My Evil Mother sent me a text message. I deleted it without reading it. It’s the first time I’ve ever done that. Don’t get me wrong, I am curious to know what it said, but at the same time I realize that it doesn’t really matter. Whatever it said would have made me feel bad, even if she wasn’t asking for anything. It is quite liberating to have done that. I told Rudi that I had deleted it without reading and he said it was wrong. He said it could have been important and perhaps I would be the only person that could help her. I told him he needs to decide whose side he is on. I told him I will not tolerate him taking her side since she has never, ever done anything beneficial for me or him without it having a hefty price tag. Rudi is a soft hearted guy, but he needs to man up. Seriously.


Last night was our last antenatal class. I’m quite sad that they’re over. I really enjoyed them. The next time we see each other we will all have our babies with us. We have plans for a reunion around March when all the babies have arrived. I really look forward to that! One of the couples have not found out the gender of their baby yet and it will be interesting to know if I guessed correctly (I think they’re having a girl).


Tonight I’ll be joining Leebeesa for her birthday dinner. We’ll be going to the restaurant where we had our wedding reception. I have only been there twice since then. The food is exquisite! Tomorrow morning I’ll be attending a baby shower. The first one since I’ve been pregnant with Babyice. That is also going to be very cool! The last proper baby shower I went to I was pregnant with Jamie. Baby showers at work don’t really count. They aren’t nearly as much fun, just a handing over of gifts with snacks.


I won’t get to sleep late at all this weekend, but hopefully I’ll manage to schedule in a nap or two. I also hope the nap/s won’t mess me up like they did last weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!