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Weekend in Gordon’s Bay

We spent the weekend with my grandparents (my biological father’s mother and his stepfather, whom I have always known as my grandfather). When we reunited with them last year my grandmother said she would love to have us for a weekend. Even though we were willing to drive through for a day, she seemed to insist on us sleeping over, so we set aside a weekend for it.


It was really lovely to be there with them again. They opened up their home and we were told to make ourselves comfortable and treat it like our own home, which we did. We arrived Saturday morning and my grandmother had prepared a lovely meal for us. She had made cottage pie (which Rudi LOVES), a curry noodle salad (which *I* LOVE) with a green salad. She couldn’t possibly have an idea about our food preferences as I haven’t eaten anything she has made for about 20 years. Somehow she got it spot on!


It was very hot in Gordon’s Bay on Saturday. We went to the beach, but when we got there everyone was standing out of the water as there had been a shark warning. We weren’t even there for 10 minutes when people started getting bored and venturing back out into the water. Babyice LOVED jumping into the little waves breaking on the shore, even though he thought running away from the “water coming” was funny at first. We helped him build a sandcastle, but he wasn’t too interested in that. He would much rather run in the water. That child LOVES water. Rudi bought us all a chocolate ice cream which we enjoyed on the beach. We went rather late in the afternoon and it soon got a bit boring and we decided to go back.


I was lying on the floor (trying to escape the rising heat) and noticed that my grandparents had an air conditioning unit up against the wall. I enquired as to why it wasn’t on and they said it hadn’t been working for about two years. This piqued Rudi’s interest, since he had worked in the industry for a while. He promptly started fiddling with it, went outside to check the condenser, etc. Within about half an hour we were sitting in an air conditioned room! My grandparents could have kissed his feet! He was most certainly the hero of the day. We were all very grateful for the relief from the heat!


After Babyice had been put to bed, (which was a triumph in itself since he had had his afternoon nap really late and bad mommy left his dummy at home) we whiled away the time with one of my grandparent’s favourite hobbies, cards! They taught us a game they often play. It was very easy to learn and we soon started getting competitive. When we looked again it was 23:00! We said we would quit around 23:00, but ended up playing a bit longer since we were having a good time. At the end of the night when all the scores were tallied up, I had won! I was quite chuffed 😀


To be honest we didn’t sleep very well. We slept on a double bed, with Babyice on the floor. We made his a nice comfortable bed on the floor with a thick duvet. There definitely wasn’t enough space for 3 of us on a double! I think the unfamiliar surroundings and heat both contributed to us not being able to sleep. Babyice didn’t seem to mind. He was his restless self, rolling around all night, but he didn’t wake up at all. We woke up less than refreshed, but we didn’t let that stop us from having another lovely day.


My grandmother served us a lovely lunch and while Babyice napped (after being driven to sleep in the car), we played cards again. This time the professionals annihilated us and Rudi and I ended up in the last and second last places. All too soon it was time for us to go home again. I wasn’t particularly sad, since I had missed my bed, but in a sense it made my heart sore. They are not getting any younger. My grandfather had to have bypass surgery last year. The scan they showed me of how his artery looked when he had the heart attack was scary! Even for a layman. He has also had two black outs recently which resulted in bad falls. He has low blood pressure too.  I hope that I can see them regularly now before it is too late. My grandmother says she misses my father very much. She doesn’t really hear from him at all. It doesn’t seem that they will be my link to him, should I wish to pursue seeing him again.


We had a lovely, relaxed weekend. It was very nice spending time with them. I know they appreciated getting to know me as an adult and to meet my family.