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Weekend Away

I’ve been bottling up this blog post (and 3 others) for over a week now. Work has been SHIT crazy busy and I barely have a chance to eat lunch, much less write a lovely blog post about my *cough* exciting adventures *cough*.



If you’ll remember we had a trip booked to Avalon Springs in Montague with the in laws. Even though I was afraid I would suffer from altitude sickness like I did the last time I was there, I tried to envision myself in the hot springs/jacuzzi relaxing my tail off and had a positive attitude towards the getaway. I was very excited about going away and was also determined to book myself a preggy massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.



On the Friday I packed our bags. That is always a stressful experience for me. I am always afraid I will forget something important. I usually pack way too many clothes and we end up with loads of baggage. I managed to fit everything into one suitcase and a nappy bag though, so I think I did pretty well. We departed from the in law’s house and somehow the trip seemed shorter than last year, despite the roadworks we encountered along the way. When we got there I was dismayed to find our mountain chalet was up 3 flights of stairs, but I wasn’t going to let a little thing like extra exercise ruin my weekend. I quickly unpacked our suitcases into the cupboards provided and changed into my bathing suit. To be honest I wasn’t sure that my bathing suit actually still fit as I haven’t worn it since last summer and my stomach has grown exponentially since the last time I had it on. Thank God for lycra! It fit and we all headed down to the hot pool. ¬†We spent some time wading around in the warm water and catching Babyice from the edge of the pool which he insisted on jumping from repeatedly. I ordered myself a mocktail and sipped it at leisure in the jacuzzi attached to the pool. Once we had all had our fill of swimming we went back to our chalet for a family braai.




Upon checking in I requested a pamphlet for the spa treatments on offer. The pregnancy massage was priced at R320! I’m quite selfish about spending money on myself and decided I would leave the massage. I must say in September I bought myself some new clothes and MAC make up. The guilt left by the indulgences still stuck with me. That night, however, I dreamt about getting a massage and when I woke up my shoulders were stiff. I determined that we don’t get away EVER and that I would be wasting an opportunity by not going for the massage and making the most of our weekend. Hell, I didn’t just want a massage, I needed one! So I booked myself one for Saturday morning. I was NOT sorry! It turned out to be a full body massage (including face and head), 55 minutes long! The lady doing my massage knew exactly how much pressure to apply and did a wonderful job. So much so that I ended up giving her a tip on top of the R320! I was a bit embarrassed. I had put on my bathing costume as I intended to go directly to the pool afterwards. I was told to strip down to my panties and of course I wasn’t wearing any! I really must remember to tell them before the time it is quite alright if they don’t massage my inner thighs.




The rest of the weekend was peaceful. My in laws from Durban and Rudi’s parents left on Sunday, taking Elijah’s 3 year old cousin and play mate with them. He had had a blast playing with her all weekend. He didn’t act up too much after they left, only asked for her a few times. On Sunday evening I got sucked into watching X Factor for hours on end. I don’t have satellite at home so I never get the opportunity to watch it and they had a marathon on. Rudi and my brother in law and his girlfriend had a braai outside while I watched aspiring stars have their dreams smashed to pieces/come true. I might of come across as anti-social, but I did mute during the advertisements to contribute to the conversation.



The best news is that I didn’t have a hint of altitude sickness the entire weekend! It really did ruin the entire experience for me last time. It was nice to feel well while we were there. I did feel a bit nauseous after my massage, but was warned about this as the massage releases toxins from your muscles into your bloodstream. The effects where short lived and I was able to enjoy my weekend to the full. It was with a heavy heart that I left the resort this time. I would of loved to be able to stay longer, but work and regular life beckoned.



I wasn’t too bothered about taking photos, but I did manage to get a few shots:






I still have 3 blog posts I want to get out. Hopefully work will settle and I’ll have time to write those soon.