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The kids are much better, but I’ve come down with a cold. Luckily not bronchitis and I’m not feeling man-fluish about it, so I’ll just ride it out. First time this season I’m having a stuffy nose. Hay fever is probably contributing to that.


I took PrincessIce for her vaccinations. I took a leave for the day in order to take her and then ย she woke up with a low grade fever the morning. I know they usually can’t get vaccinated when they’re ill and I was afraid they wouldn’t give her the shots, but they did. She screamed from the time I brought her near the table where the vaccinations were done. While I undressed her and we weighed her and measured her. On the one hand it was a good thing. The screaming couldn’t get any worse as they injected her so even though she was clearly distressed it didn’t feel like the injections hurt her as much if that makes any sense. I wondered if she had a sense of the place. If she had a memory of the room or the nurse. I couldn’t understand why she screamed so much. After it was done I breastfed her for about 3 minutes and all was right with the world again ๐Ÿ™‚ With Babyice we used to struggle to soothe him after vaccinations. Boobs are amazing.


At the clinic they told me if you gave birth in a private hospital/have medical aid the government will no longer supply vaccines to you. You will need to pay for private stock. So because I pay R3900/m for medical aid (excluding my gap cover), that must mean I can afford vaccinations too, because medical aid never runs out. I am certain this will result in less children being vaccinated overall as less conscientious parents won’t pay thousands of rands for vaccines they used to be able to get for free. Government is struggling to meet the demand for free vaccines. They need to make a plan! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The next vaccinations at 12 months are “optional” and not covered by the government schedule so I will need to pay for those anyway. Ching! We took Babyice for all his vaccinations and PrincessIce shall have them too.


I’ll be going to La Leche League and Maskscara this weekend. Very excited! I hope I feel a bit better soon ๐Ÿ™‚