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Ups and Downs – Feedback

I would like to thank all the moms that replied to my post “Ups and downs“. I have followed their advice and now only put the bottle with the water into the bottle warmer and use my formula dispenser to quickly make a bottle when baby needs it.

Turns out Losec is not a formula. It is a pill that you dissolve in water which you give to baby. It has little balls in it that have a slow release formula that is supposed to assist with reflux. Apparently it can take a few days to work. Problem? R650 for 14 tablets/2 weeks supply. Are they smoking crack?! I’ll try it, might as well, but at that price I’ll deal with the spit up. It doesn’t affect his growth, he is not unhappy or crying all the time…so why spend a daft amount of money on medication? I’m not going to.

Still trying to get him to drink rooibos tea/purity juice. Actually got him to drink (and keep down) 20ml of rooibos tea today. That was awesome! Solids are still going well. My boy LOVES his porridge. He really wolfs it down. Before the spoon gets back to the bowl to get more he has his mouth open for the next one! He’s not *so* keen on the vegetables, but he eats them and that’s all that matters.

He is still sleeping through. 4 nights in a row now. We’re very lucky! Some people have babies that NEVER sleep through. I hope he keeps it up and that I can adjust and stop waking up for no reason!

By the time you read this, he will probably be with his day mother for the first time already. I’ll be missing him. A lot. Think of me?