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Too Good To Be True

My Evil Mother has been at it again. Actually…she never stopped, but she is out in full force. Just two weeks ago she swindled about two grand out of my grandmother. She basically made her go out and buy groceries for their household. After that my grandmother swore she was done with her. She took the dud bank card My Evil Mother gave her (with promises of money coming and she could then freely draw whatever she loaned her), put it in an envelope with R100.00 and posted it to her with a letter telling her she is ‘Letting go and letting God’. My Evil Mother continued to bombard her with SMS messages saying things like ‘I’m hungry’. The manipulative bitch. Would you let your child starve? Anyway. She must. She must starve. She is almost 50 years old for Pete’s sake! When is she going to look after her damn self?


She then received the envelope with the bank card, but claims the money was stolen. She then told my grandmother that she was going to make a case at the police station and that they would probably have to go to the old age home where she is staying to get her fingerprints. My grandmother was so terrified that she might be kicked out of the old age home that she gave her another R100.00! She is the biggest sucker under the sun. Although, My Evil Mother can be loving to threaten people. In fact, if she ever came across this here blog, she would most definitely threaten me with a law suit. Most likely for slander. Pffft. She can kiss my ass.


She has now apparently come clean to my grandmother saying she loves Coke Head and that she wants to be with him. They are supposedly going up to Kimberley together. She sent me a message the other day saying ‘I’m going to Kimberley on Wednesday. Now you are rid of me.’ I was tempted to reply with  a ‘Good riddance’, but know better. When you engage her it just spurs her on and she can be one nasty piece of work. She spits venom that one. I do, however, think I’ll send her a message on Wednesday saying ‘Safe travels x’. I won’t include the ‘won’t miss you’ part. Personally, I don’t believe that she is going far far away. Even if she does, it won’t really make much of a difference. Even when she was in Bloemfontein when I was a little girl she wrote letters with promises to change and requests for money. The only difference would be that she couldn’t show up at your door. That is a blessing in itself though. My grandmother is so afraid that she will come there and make a scene and endanger her stay there. She had to go down to security with a photo and ask them not to allow her in. Apparently if she becomes a bother she needs to get a restraining order.


What kind of daughter does that? Exploits you, sucks you dry, lies to you, threatens you, SCARES you? That is My Evil Mother. Good riddance!


Babyice seems a bit sick at the moment. We’re taking him to the doctor this afternoon. It’s probably just a chest infection. Same old, same old. We’re old hat at this already. In my next post I *must* tell you about our latest extravagance…