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Tick Tock

Time is ticking away…I’d like to say slowly, but it really doesn’t feel like it. Tomorrow I will be 31 weeks. Babyice was born at 38 weeks 5 days. The gynae reckons PrincessIce will also come sooner than 40 weeks…which means I potentially have 7 or 8 weeks to get everything ready and for everything to be done. SEVEN TO EIGHT WEEKS. That is NO TIME AT ALL. That is more or less two months. When you say two months it actually sounds a bit longer…but my supervisor said in a meeting yesterday ‘You’re going on maternity leave next month’ and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Next month. Right. You get it. There is very little time left and I’m panicky.



We still have to move furniture around in our house so that the cot can go next to our bed. We still need to get a new mattress for the cot. We have to do a major cleaning out of stuff to make space for PrincessIce’s clothes. Most of the clothes we have bought are still lying in the packets they came home in. They also all have to be washed. According to Twitter it is unnecessary to use special washing powder/fabric softner for baby’s clothes. I did with Babyice, but I really don’t see the point of buying separate stuff this time around, unless of course PrincessIce has a sensitivity. I want to steam clean the carpets with a hired machine before baby arrives (nesting much?). We need to pick up/wash/find space for stuff we’ve put at Rudi’s parents house like the baby bath, snug ‘n safe and bath chair. I need to unpack my summer clothes. I want to tidy the cupboards in Babyice’s room that are stacked with medicine, baby bottles and a whole lot of other stuff.



In the face of all this chaos I also remembered that having a baby entails a lot of admin. So yesterday I phoned the medical aid to pre-authorize my hospital stay. I’ve also filled in the hospital admission form that has been lying on my desk since the 10th of October. While I was at it I got a quote for how much our medical aid contribution will be once the baby arrives. Adding an additional kid to the medical aid isn’t so bad (R575/pm)…but all our premiums are also going up next year…so at the end of the day medical aid is going to cost about R900 more per month. That doesn’t include the R200 for Vitality and R200 for gap cover. We’ll be paying around R4000 just for medical aid. There is absolutely no way I can bolt off Discovery right now anyway since my birth won’t be covered if we do. I had a look at the Bonnitas website and their plan before their price increase is only about R300 less. I do think they might offer better value for money though…but will have to explore that option at the end of next year…you know, after paying in about R10 000 when my medical savings has run out on Discovery while continuing to pay my monthly contributions. This news did not make me happy, but what can you do? You need it. I’ve gotten my Discovery “baby bag” gift voucher and printed out the medical aid application forms to add baby to the medical aid once she is born.



Yesterday I also decided to finally phone the gynae about something that has been bothering me and he sent a prescription for antibiotics over to a pharmacy close to my house and we went to collect it. This issue (which I’d rather not discuss in detail in order for you to keep your last meal down) has actually been bugging me for quite some time, I just haven’t gotten around to phoning the gynae. I didn’t have enough privacy to make the call at work and we get home too late often. I’ll be glad to finally get it sorted out and by the time I have my next appointment everything should be fine again. I’m just hoping he isn’t going to feel like probing to be sure. I’ll have to have some blood tests done at my next appointment too. Ching Ching. More money. Medical aid is totally depleted already (thanks to the pricey root canal I had to have done). I’ve paid the last 3 gynae appointments out of my own pocket. My gynae likes to prescribe cost effective medicine though. The antibiotics yesterday only cost R37.



Come to think of it, yesterday was quite a productive day. Today I booked my maternity photo shoot for the 15th of December.



So, yes. Time is running out and I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention a million things I still want to do before the baby comes…I’m overwhelmed by the things I’ve mentioned already. The fact that I barely have the energy to get out of bed in the morning does not bode well for getting all this stuff done. Oh yes! I still have to pack my hospital bag. Fuggit. I wish I had some minions I could just delegate all this stuff to!