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Thrilling Competition!

The lovely ExMi, maker of wonderful Body Thrills products, is having a competition!


Having used Body Thrills decadent products, I had to take my chances and get as many entries as possible! Their specials are always real value for money. You don’t just save R5.00 or R10.00, but can save up to R170.00 this time! Where else can you save R170.00 on something that would cost you R520.00? That’s a saving of 33%!


Body Thrills fragrances are simply to die for. If you don’t indulge in the Chocolate Pudding range, that contains ACTUAL Belgian chocolate, then you should definitely try the Jasmin, Rose and Ylang Ylang (these are my personal favourites). I haven’t tried ALL the different fragrances yet and would definitely like to try the Lemon Nougat & Honey Coconut and Pina Colada shower gels. Fair warning, you may be tempted to drink/eat the products that smell like foodstuffs. Although they are made of all natural, homegrown products – apparently it is not recommended (yes, I asked!). So I guess the Winter Wonder – Steamy Fresh special would be just right for me 🙂


Steamy Fresh Special


If you haven’t tried Body Thrills yet, I recommend that you do. It’s the perfect guilt-free indulgence!


Right now I am really grateful for my Body Thrills lip balm. I received the lip balm with orders past, but didn’t really use it since I don’t often use lip balm in general. I have found that lip balm usually dries out my lips even more, which forces me to use more. I recently read somewhere that lip balm manufacturers use an ingredient that does this on purpose so that you would require more lip balm! (You’re not surprised, are you?) Body Thrills doesn’t do this, of course. They are above board and want you to buy their products because you LOVE them, not because they’ve gotten you hooked by dodgy means. This pregnancy and winter dawning have caused my lips to dry out terribly. Instead of buying lip balm, I dug out my Body Thrills lip balm (because nobody in their right mind throws any Body Thrills away!) and have it with me all the time now. My lips are eternally grateful. I will also be hauling out my body butter once my skin turns into dragon skin again.


Go on. Get some. You know you want to!


P.S. Did I mention you can ORDER ONLINE? How convenient 🙂