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The Weekend That Was

We had the most incredible weather this weekend. Summer weather. My favourite weather. It wasn’t blisteringly hot (although some might have felt that way) and the evenings were lovely and warm. No jackets required. It hasn’t been that way for a long, long time.


On Saturday we made our way over to Christelle and Deon for a long awaited braai. There always seems to be a long gap between our visits, not for a lack of wanting to see each other, but because our schedules conflict. Either that or *someone* gets sick just before the get together and we have to reschedule, inevitably a month away because of our busy social calendars. Yes, we’re that popular 😛 Of course we were late, we are always late when we go there. We are usually delayed by Babyice and this time was no different. We were waiting for him to wake up from his nap. We opened his door and even put some loud music on, but he was oblivious. Eventually Rudi went to poke around and he woke up.


Christelle and Deon have recently had their entire garden landscaped and it was the first time we would see it. It looks so gorgeous! Christelle even has her very own veggie garden right by her back door! Perhaps it’s a good thing that we didn’t see the garden sooner, it certainly is flourishing now. Apparently some of the veggies have been harvested and have grown back already! There is also a worm farm! Imagine that. A worm farm! They have also purchased their daughter a trampoline (with a safety net) which was set up in the back yard. The weather was so fantastic we spent most of the day outside on the deck watching the kids run around and have fun. Zani has developed an ice cream addiction and of course they’re all about the sharing. I think they each had at least 3 ice creams while we were there. Of course the ice creams went everywhere with them and a lot ended up on them, the trampoline and eventually us. Babyice had such a ball on the trampoline! Zani is a much more proficient jumper than he is (although he has learnt from her now) and he really enjoyed lying down while she made him bounce by jumping up and down around him. All you could hear coming from the trampoline were giggles. The kids were also in and out the house and soon we realized that having one plastic bike between the two of them wasn’t going to work very well. So Christelle ushered the men off to the shop to purchase a second bike to avoid fights between the kids. A stroke of genius!


The men returned with not one, but TWO new bikes. Apparently the kids had picked their bikes and they couldn’t just buy *one*. We were also told that they first walked together hand in hand (after being told to hold hands) and then took over the shop on their bikes. I wish I could have seen it! Our kids are chick magnets, by the way. We were told that all the single women were flocking around these adorable kids. Only later did the men realize they may have been perceived as a gay couple with adorable kids. HA HA! Zani had picked out a Ben 10 bike (quite by accident, I’m sure) and Babyice had chosen a Batman bike. From that moment on the kids just had a blast chasing each other around the house with the bikes, watching snippets of kiddies movies on the TV, jumping on the trampoline and devouring ice cream 🙂 Babyice was generally well behaved for the entire day which made his mommy and daddy very proud!


We had a braai for dinner. Christelle made us a ‘deluxe’ salad, with lettuce straight from the garden! I must say, the lettuce tasted like Brackenfell (where it was grown). LOL. It was very yummy. Too soon I had eaten too much and had to stop, even though I wanted to steal another piece of lettuce, I just couldn’t! (I normally don’t like lettuce) There was no more space. We had our meat, salad and my delectable home made garlic bread. Before we knew it it was getting dark. The kids couldn’t tell. They were still happily bouncing away on the trampoline, later joined by both their dads. They were having a blast jumping on the daddies! What a pleasure to sit and watch them have so much fun. Every now and then one of the daddies would jump too, bouncing the kids high in the air, much to their delight. We simply *had* to leave (although we’re always loathe to) since we had to keep Babyice awake to take his antibiotics when we got home and being in the car that wouldn’t be easy. Christelle and Deon were gracious enough to let Babyice take his Batman bike home since they really didn’t need more than two at home (in case of visitors in future, there would be two bikes).  We had a lovely time!


Babyice was on antibiotics for a sinus infection. He is all cleared up now again. On Sunday we didn’t do much, but we took my grandmother out to brunch at the Wimpy after church. She had been missing us and she wasn’t up to walking around Stodels, so we ditched our plan to go there and took her out instead. The rest of the day was spent lazing about.

How was your weekend?