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The tree is up!

Yup. That’s right. Our Christmas tree is up. Now, if you think I’m nuts for putting my tree up before [insert your preferred date here] it will be good for you to remember that I have put my tree up in September before. I’ve seen pics on Facebook and Instagram of people putting their trees up already, so I am by no means alone.


Every year I buy one unique and “expensive” decoration for the tree. I am rather particular about my tree and how it must look. I have always wanted a Christmas tree that is perfect like you see in the malls, but as I’ve grown older and had kids I’ve realized that a tree can be gorgeous even if all the decorations don’t match. This year I was in the shop considering which decoration I wanted to buy and Babyice got all excited. I decided to let him pick this year’s special addition. I’m quite happy with his choice! He chose a Santa ornament which he refers to as his “ho ho ho” (hey! Get your mind out of the gutter!)


So we hauled out the decorations and the tree. The tree has a big branch that is iffy that we’ve sort of fixed. It’ll hold. We also realized that one of our sets of lights isn’t working. We have a fairly large tree and one set of lights just ain’t gonna cut it. They actually broke last year and we forgot to replace them. The intention was to buy discounted lights after Christmas, but that wasn’t very well thought out since I was heavily pregnant and avoiding the malls like the plague.


So Rudi and Babyice went off to the shop to buy more lights. Eish. He came home with a very expensive set of tiny white lights (our other set is multi coloured). I decided not to care. I started wrapping our white static outside lights around the centre of the tree. I didn’t realize how bloody long they were and after circling the tree a dozen times I decided to lay the rest at the base of the tree and proceeded to add the other lights over the branches. Although I was sceptical about the tiny white lights they are really very pretty and I love them! I added the tinsel and gave Babyice license to go to town with the decorations. He had been nagging to start decorating while I was busy with the tinsel and lights. When I stepped back to allow him to decorate, he said “No, you must help me. You are my team!” *heart melt*


So we decorated the tree together. I was worried he might clump all the decorations in one place, but with a little guidance he did an awesome job and hung decorations on those pesky bottom branches which I never want to do. He was so excited and has asked me if the tree will stay up for a long time. He can’t wait to tell the day mother and other kids about his tree. It is the first year he has really shown interest and it has really made putting up the tree a joy!

Unpacking the tree…
Ta da!