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The Reunion

I was actually quite nervous for the reunion. I just wondered whether anyone from my class would actually be there and whether we’d still have anything in common or be able to comfortably hang out together. Very few of my classmates were there. 3 girls (including myself) and about 5 of the guys from our class pitched up.


It wasn’t nearly as awkward as I had anticipated and it was fun seeing everyone again…seeing what they are doing with themselves 10 years later. I was the only pregnant person there. I’m pretty sure I got a disapproving look from one of the teachers after she spotted my belly. Maybe I just regressed to being a student and misinterpreted it.


I thought initially that I would only stay for a half an hour or so, but ended up staying till 10PM (everything started at 7). There were a few speeches, nothing boring or long and they showed our old interschools video…interschools was always the highlight of the year and very important for us. We won the singing cup (the one that mattered if you weren’t an athlete) in our matric year and watching that again gave me goosebumps. What an awesome time of our lives that was!


Someone said to me at the reunion “You know what I remember about you?” and I thought….EEK….here it comes! “You were always happy and smiling”. I was like…”Wait. What?” LOL. I wondered what people would remember about me…and that I was always happy and smiling never once came to mind.  I don’t really remember being a happy smiley person in high school, but it that is the memory I conjure, I am not going to complain! 🙂


I’m sure the other people remember the bad stuff.


Here’s a pic of Debbie and myself (she kept me company the whole night and gave me a lift home, bless):


Debbie and I
Debbie and I


The rest of the photos can be found here.


My only disappointment was one girl, who for some reason thought it okay to make fun of someone. He was a social outcast when we were in school, but he chose to come to the reunion. He was well dressed and she made fun of him for absolutely no reason. I couldn’t help thinking that she was really acting like a high school girl and wondering if she hadn’t grown up. She had also recently become a mother and it astounded me that she could bring herself to be that way. Kids can be cruel, but they’re meant to grow out of it. Needless to say I didn’t spend too much time with her.


Next one is 20 years!