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The Chosen Name

Co-incidentally as I was contemplating this post when Angel blogged about names. We’ve settled on a name for PrincessIce. After much deliberation and going through what felt like a thousand names we settled on one of the names I came up with initially. It took Rudi quite some time to grow accustomed to the name and to like it enough to settle on it. Once he was comfortable with it, I wasn’t convinced. You would think I would be happy since it is a name I chose. Choosing someone’s name is such a huge responsibility. With Babyice’s name the moment both of us heard it we agreed on it and it ‘felt right’. I’m not sure how to explain it, but this time around it was an arduous process and it kind of feels like we’ve just settled…it doesn’t feel the same way as it did last time. Perhaps my expectations of the process are too high?




Babyice has a biblical name. When we found out we were having a girl I knew I would also like a biblical name and went through them. There were a few I liked, most of all Rebecca and Rachel. We already have friends that have daughters with those names though. Also, I wasn’t too fond of the meanings of either of those names. Chloe also made it into the top 5 (also biblical, believe it or not), but I didn’t like that too much. The rest of the names were not to my liking at all. Even though I quite like Sarah, it is quite a commonly used name and we wanted a name you don’t come across too often. One of my best friends is also named Sarah, so very close to home. Babyice’s name is Elijah. His name means: ‘My God is the Lord’.



I have finally started to feel comfortable with the name that we have chosen and have even started to call PrincessIce by her name when I talk to her. We have decided to call her Gabrielle. The female form of Gabriel, one of the arc angels. Her name means ‘God is my might’. I quite like how the meanings of their names relate to each other. I also like that we can call her Gabby for short. In fact, that is what I call her now.




After deciding on this we started contemplating a second name. Babyice has a second name. Strangely enough this came within minutes. Babyice’s second name is a family name for both of us. So I asked Rudi about female names in his family since none of the names in my family appeal to me in particular. Or rather, they’ve all been tainted by their owners. Unfortunately his lovely grandmother’s name was Dorothy. Neither of us really liked that, but his aunt’s name is Rose and both of us liked that.



So there it is. Her name will be Gabrielle Rose.