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Tests e-jissus

I can’t believe I forgot to blog this…but I won some nappies! After entering numerous online competitions and losing each time I decided I would boycott them all. I then saw another nappy competition for Pampers Sensitive nappies on Living Lionheart‘s blog. Another blogger had run the same competition, I had entered and not won. I thought ‘Fine. LAST one.’ and I entered. I was randomly selected! I won two packs of Pampers Sensitive nappies and wipes, which will be couriered to me. That’s awesome. Stacey actually said she had a chuckle when she saw my comment started with ‘I never win these things…’. I’m already starting to feel like I’m supposed to be hoarding nappies and this will be the first procured in the long line of packs to come. I suppose my luck is all used up now and I can go back to boycotting online competitions.


This morning I ordered my first Toddler Box from My Baby Box. The concept is very cool and similar to the ‘Glossy Box’ and ‘Ruby Box’ boxes people are offering online now, but these apply solely to pregnancy/baby/toddler. After seeing what they popped in the July boxes I just had to order myself one. It’s only R130.00 per month (and you can choose if you want once off or a subscription) and that includes sending your box to your door if you’re living in an area where the courier delivers normally. I’m excited to see what I’m going to get! I figured I’d get a toddler box since I have a toddler and there isn’t any sense in getting a baby box yet. I picked a once off box to see how much I really like it and to see how it fits into my budget.


I’m busy hunting for a new photographer. Since Cazpix has left the Western Cape for stinky JHB greener pastures, I have been left without a genius to photograph our baby bump and newborn when the time arrives. It is tedious…and pricey. I’ve mailed quite a few photographers for quotes, since a lot of them don’t state their packages on their websites and am waiting for replies from most of them. I’m going to have to tuck some money away for this.


This weekend I tentatively stepped on the scale. I decided before I did so that I would make peace with whatever number came up. I am pregnant, after all. I was more than surprised to see that I have actually lost weight since I’m pregnant! Must be the morning sickness/portion control this baby is inducing. It is really strange to me that I can’t eat as much when I’m pregnant as I could before. I always reasoned that it was because there was less space for my stomach to expand inside of me, but it’s not as if the baby is taking up much space now. I’m not complaining though.  When I was pregnant with Babyice I picked up 15 kg and lost 10 kg when he was born. That was pretty good. I always feared I would be one of those women that picked up 40 kg while pregnant and lost 5 kg when the baby came. My children are merciful on my “physique” and for this I am grateful.


On Saturday the domestic showed up bright and early. She went about her work and managed to break a few things. A glass bowl, which is fine. It was an accident and it was a really cheap glass bowl to begin with…and then something I noticed after she left which she neglected to mention. My very expensive Paul Mitchell shampoo is broken. It must of fallen while she was busy cleaning the shower, but luckily for her it was just the lid that a chunk came out of. I can still get the shampoo out of it and none of the gold liquid seems to be missing, so it isn’t really a big deal. If the bottle had broken and all the shampoo had leaked out I would of been upset. No harm, no foul.


While the domestic was there Babyice somehow found the hundreds and thousands. I managed to pry it from his hands before he figured out how to open the container, I was too late for the parmesan though (same type of container). He kept nagging for the hundreds and thousands and I calmly explained to him that he can’t play with it, it is for cupcakes. Mistake. Then he kept asking for cupcakes. So I decided I would bake for him, but waited till the domestic left and ultimately only ended up baking them on Saturday night after Rudi had obtained some more flour for me. Rudi asked me to put nuts in the cupcakes, but I suggested he get me some shortcake Tumbles (chocolate covered shortcake). He ended up bringing home peanut Tumbles, but they did the trick. I ended up icing them on Sunday after church and could not for the life of me find my wonderful piping bag 🙁 I had to ice them old school with a knife, so they didn’t look very pretty, but they are delicious! I brought some for a few of my friends at work and everybody loved them (especially the surprise inside).




On Thursday night Babyice asked me for a biscuit and after taking a bite he said to me ‘Mommy, tests e-jissus’. I asked him to repeat himself and finally figured out he was saying ‘tastes delicious’. I was quite chuffed with this and giggled at him and made him repeat it for his father the next day. He has now noticed that we think it is cute and every time he eats something he likes he says ‘tests e-jissus’. This was cute and funny until he decided to say it in church. You see, ‘jissus’ is a casual way of saying ‘Jesus’ in our culture. Even though it’s pronounced differently from Jesus or the Afrikaans pronunciation of Jesus, it is implied. So when he took a sip of his juice on Sunday in church and turned to me with a big grin on his face ‘tests e-jissus’ I had to say ‘Yes, it tastes delicious’ just to clarify what he was saying. He decided his juice was delicious after each sip. The earth could of swallowed me whole!