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Test results

On Tuesday I went to hospital for my glucose test. When I got there I had already been fasting for 12 hours. They drew blood for the first test to see what my blood sugar was after the fast. A reading of 9 or higher indicates that you are diabetic. My total came back as 5. Completely normal. They then had me drink a glucose mixture. It doesn’t taste great, but I was really thirsty and accepted it gratefully. Following that I had to wait for 2 hours so that they could draw blood again to test my glucose level. This would determine how well my body processed the glucose that I had to drink.

The two hours dragged unbelievably, although I had some company on gchat and Twitter. I felt very tired and uncomfortable as I was seated in a waiting room chair the entire time. After the time had finally elapsed they drained me further and sent me on my way. Since it was already after 11AM I opted not to go back to work and went to visit my grandparents instead.

Later in the afternoon I received a call from the gynae’s office. My readings look perfectly normal apparently and they advised that I should watch my calorie intake and control portion size. The irony of it is I have been eating a lot better since I’ve been pregnant. I don’t crave sweets or any weird foods really and I definitely eat less than I did before I was pregnant. I’m pretty sure I’m healthier now than I was before! My body has done this on my behalf, it has not been a conscious decision. Thank you Babyice!

I’m a little dubious about the whole thing now. It must have been something I had eaten the previous evening or morning of the initial test that spiked my blood sugar level, but my gynae has been on leave. I assume the results were sent to his colleague to review. I have been told by someone in my office that his colleague sent them for unnecessary (and expensive) tests. I wonder if he didn’t just see the results and send me for a test to make extra money. I doubt my gynae had any say in the matter. Even if that is the case, I would rather be safe than sorry. It just seems a bit dodgy. If this is the case (and I will never know) it is freaking horrible of him! Does he understand the stress and worry he causes? I was practically sitting crying in the waiting room waiting for that first result. I managed to calm down after it came back ‘normal’.

Luckily my gynae is back in office on Monday and I won’t have to deal with his colleague anymore.
So I ordered my sling from Pinkhairgirl‘s website, Earth Babies. If you’re really curious I ordered the unpadded ring sling in Turquoise Traditional. The price is really good and the delivery charge it minimal also! I can’t wait to get it! Apparently it will take 5 – 7 days to get here.

I am counting down the days towards my maternity leave…but at the same time I am wishing away the days until the birth. Nerve wracking! Rudi and my grandfather reckon Babyice is going to come late January. My gynae doesn’t think he’ll budge before February. I hope he stays put till at least the 2nd of February since my maternity shoot is scheduled for the 1st of Feb.

My housekeeper came back to work yesterday. I really missed her! It was so nice opening my closet this morning and being able to pick what I would like to wear out of my entire wardrobe instead of just looking for something that was clean and didn’t need to be ironed. She took down the Christmas tree…but it doesn’t look like she did anything in the baby room. Sad panda. I assume she has left the mammoth task for next week. Next week is the last week I won’t be there when she comes to work. 

Shit. Everything is happening so fast! 4 more weeks until I’m 40 weeks and Babyice could actually decide to come at any time now. Jeepers!!!!