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Rings and chocolate

On Saturday morning I cleaned like a demon. I scrubbed the bathroom, vacuumed the entire house, lifted the two carpets, moved the couches and mopped everywhere. My back KILLED me that evening and even more so the next morning. It hurt from top to bottom. MAN I am getting old! By Sunday evening the lounge

Tempting fate

We’re going to have a day filled with love and good food. We can fight tommorrow 🙂 I said this on Valentine’s Day. The day before we fought. I must really stop tempting fate. Related posts: No Pressure Over Cappucino Conflicted -1.4kg How to get laid

How to get laid

You will need: 1 x man1 x 1.5 litre of your favourite wine2 x wine glasses1 x movie starring Angelina Jolie1 x movie starring Charlize Theron1 x chocolate fondue1 x punnet of strawberries1 x punnet of cherries1 x whipped cream2 x candles1 x sexy outfitVarious snacks to your liking Lay out snacks on platters and