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Untried Polish Challenge – Cheapest

This is it! It is the last of my Untried Polish Challenge manis! I made it ALL the way through the challenge! I’m quite chuffed with myself! I still have a bunch of untrieds, but I’ve worked through many of them and quite a few of my untrieds are new, so it is a win

Untried Polish Challenge – Neutral

What I was going to use for this prompt has changed many times during the challenge, but I eventually settled on a polish that I was dying to try.  I found this polish on sale at Dischem for only R29.00. It looked so pretty in the bottle, I had to get it. Just the other

Untried Polish Challenge – Most Expensive

This prompt was a little tricky. Some of my untrieds were gifts and I’m not sure how much they cost. So I had to choose something I paid for. Technically this isn’t the most expensive polish I have ever bought. My most expensive polish is my nails inc. topping lane which I paid R120.00 for

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails (Untried Polish Challenge – Creme)

I have had a pink polish lying among my untrieds since Ordinary Misfit sent it along to me with my birthday gift. I intended to use it for the creme category of this untried challenge. For those that don’t know, creme refers to the finish of the polish. What is a creme polish I hear

Untried Polish Challenge – Three Colours

I had a day’s leave on Friday and was torn about what to do with my nails. I considered using my jelly polish, but I was chatting to Ordinary Misfit about it and then remembered that I’ve been wanting to try water marble nail art. Michelle recommended I watch SimpleLittlePleasures video channel on YouTube. She

Untried Polish Challenge – Ugliest

This was not difficult for me at all. When I had to pick an ugly mani, colour immediately came to mind. It was easy for me to see one I didn’t like among my untrieds.  I did not buy this for myself, it was part of the prize I won. I won the entire Revlon

Untried Polish Challenge – Prettiest

I cannot believe that I am more than halfway through the challenge! It is taking me a long time to do it, but that is because I have no time limit and I actually wear my manis until they chip and I need a new one. Doing a challenge on a schedule is a whole

Untried Polish Challenge – In Season

Spring has sprung in South Africa! Sometimes it feels like it hasn’t really, but we are getting a few warm (even hot) days here and there. The air is starting to smell like summer and my hay fever has started acting up. All signs that the seasons are changing and terrible winter is crawling back

Untried Polish Challenge – One Colour

I have had magnetic nail polish lying around for ages. Actually I bought it the day before I went back to work, so about 3 months. It feels like I have been back at work forever though. Leebeesa also brought me some from Ireland. When I saw the category “One colour” in the untried polish

Untried Polish Challenge – Was A Gift

A while ago Leebeesa went overseas and she brought me some polishes back. She brought me a magnetic polish (which I haven’t tried yet) and a cracking polish. Although strictly speaking the cracking polish was from Johannesburg whereas she got the magnetic in Ireland. The cracking polish is an electric blue. A stunning colour, really