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I am frustrated and I thought blogging about it might help. Guys, you might want to skip this one, or read on and gain some insight into womanhood. Up to you.   I’ve previously blogged about us trying to conceive (TTC) and that I have gone off the pill since February and thrown caution to

Official news

In case you missed the “announcement” in my Valentines Day blog post to Rudi, I’m officially saying it’s official. We are officially throwing caution to the wind and ‘trying’ for another baby. I was ready to start trying around September last year. While we were at it I thought I could snag myself some December/January

Voting, TV, Death and Birth

So. Let’s start with some happy news before we get to the grim stuff. Yesterday I voted in our national and provincial elections. Afterwards I went to claim a free coffee from Wimpy (a chain restaurant in South Africa) after producing my inked thumb: After having breakfast at the Wimpy we walked around the mall

Good Weekend

Finally I have found some time to blog. The Company launched a new product on Friday and it is experiencing some teething problems to say the least. Of course I am working in the department that deals with the customer complaints for this specific product. I’m overjoyed. Not. Other than that, life while not TTC

Up and down

According to Dr. Amy’s ovulation calculator this is my ‘fertile’ week. New Year’s Eve is supposed to be the day I ovulate, even thought I’m feeling a bit crampy at the moment. Baby Center’s ovulation calculator seems to correspond with Dr. Amy’s. I suppose they’re all based on the same principle. I know I said