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Neon Christmas Nails

Neon Christmas Nails

      Hi everyone! I have a very different Christmas mani to show you today. It’s no secret that I love neon nails. I was trying to figure out what Christmas mani to do next and realized that I don’t ever recall seeing neon Christmas nails. I think the reason for this is fairly

BecauseIShop Nail Vinyls

      Hi everyone! Today I have an exciting post for you. My friend B is the queen of DIY and also a lover of nail art. She has decided to start her own vinyl store! Introducing BecauseIShop Nail Vinyls! Before she did this we were only able to get proper vinyls from international suppliers,

Twin Nails with Ordinary Misfit

      Hi everyone! Today I want to show you twin nails that I’ve done with Ordinary Misfit. We have collaborated with each other before. We’ve exchanged guest posts and we’ve challenged each other to do nails by setting guidelines for each other, but this is our first twin mani! Both of us have

That’s Shore Bright

      Hello everyone! I am currently on holiday! I hope the holidays are treating you well and that you had lovely New Year’s Eve. You should all be recovered now, right? 😉 Today is also my grandmother’s birthday, so hopefully we’ll be spending some time together. I have a gorgeous polish from China