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I need some motivation (again)

I’ve decided to quit smoking again. I’ve been smoking since just before my grandfather died. It was a stressful time and I had a lot going on. I was very worried about the family and I guess I used it as an excuse to start smoking again. I weaned myself off the anti-depressants I was

I am a quitter

I’m going to quit smoking again. I don’t even know why I started. OK, I know why I started, but I don’t know why I’m still doing it. I thought maybe if I put a ticker up on my blog it would motivate me to keep on. I’ve developed a beautiful cough and I don’t

+ 200g

Freaking marvellous. Despite all the exercise efforts last week, my poor eating habits are shining through. Perfect. Like I’m not depressed enough already. I must say that the weight has stayed the same and only shifted up once now…so I’m still doing *something* right. *Another* pregnancy was announced in the office yesterday. Now, I know


Yesterday I signed up to Twitter. I’d heard about it before, but I wasn’t sure what it was. The word ‘twitter’ was coming up a lot in my daily life (even on the radio) and I decided to sign up and check it all out. Nice thing about twitter? It’s not blocked at work like