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Weekend and Politics

Our weekend wasn’t too bad. Had a braai on Friday night. Everyone had a good time it seemed. I drank an entire bottle of red wine, but seemed to be the only sober person there. On Saturday we had a nice lie in. Slept till 10am – something we’re almost incapable of doing under normal

I can’t even pee in cups

So in case you were wondering, Rudi did come home on time on Saturday. Only problem is he came with Lindor and family in tow. He did what men usually do. Told his friends he is game for a braai and then said ‘I’ll just check with the wife’. Doesn’t leave me much choice does

Busy Saturday

It looks like I have been out voted on the hair issue. Every body has said that they prefer me with blonde hair. Who am I to argue with the masses? We live in a democracy, after all. It looks like I will remain blonde and keep on forking out hundreds of rands to remain