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Breastfeeding 4 months in

We have successfully breastfed for 4 months. Yay us! 4 months is also where we go for our second check up at the paed and this is where I thought our breastfeeding journey would start drawing to a close. For about two weeks before the appointment I was agonizing over it. PrincessIce is a small

Ups and downs

Babyice has a problem where he spits up. Very often. I chatted to the pediatrician’s assistant about it on Skype and she spoke to the doctor. After answering a few questions, they suggested we try and limit Babyice’s formula intake to 750ml per day and feed him more solids. I thought this was going to

4 month check up

Yesterday we went for Babyice’s 4 months check up at the pediatrician. Again I went with a list of questions and we got more than we bargained for! The doctor is completely happy with his development. He weighs 7.245kg already! He is blooming heavy to lug around all day. Apparently him not wanting to play