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New Years Celebration

So now that I’ve run out of scheduled blog posts…I guess I have to write something new. New Year’s Eve was spent with my fabulous friends from Twitter. @al_ice, @cc_monkey, @Riven16, @kambabe and @Squidsquirt. We always enjoy each other’s company and @al_ice put on a proper spread! There was a variety of food to choose

My toe hurts!

Ugh! I bumped my toe yesterday! It was *really* sore! Look: Don’t bother blowing up the picture, it’s really blurry up close, but you get the idea! Rudi is very unsympathetic…silly bugger. At least the ovulation pain seems to have disappeared today. Cafe Viva fixed my media player for me free of charge! I’m so


***WARNING*** Some readers may find descriptions graphic. On Monday we went to Tygerberg hospital to go for the scan and to make our final decision. It was as we feared and they found another problem on top of all the other things that were suspected. The results of the scan were as follows: The baby’s

Rant Over

OK. I’ve calmed down since yesterday. I decided to stop being such an idiot. How stupid would it be to jeopardize a good friendship over jealousy? I need to stop being irrational and take control of my emotions. Especially the green one. It’s always causing trouble. I’ve had a headache since yesterday morning. Someone seems

Going Loco

Image courtesy of Flor Del Aqua I must have seriously lost my mind. If anybody sees it, please keep it captive and post a comment. We can work out the logistics one you’ve found it. Last night I wore the sexy black boots to church. I forgot that the service starts with about 15 minutes