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bornprettystore Vintage Damask Water Decals Review

bornprettystore Vintage Damask Water Decals

      Hi there! Today I have some water decals from bornprettystore to review for you. I think perhaps today I’ll start out with my explanation and opinions before I show you my pictures. When I first tried water decals I failed miserably at using them. I didn’t realize that they can be cleaned up

Neon Gradient – Holo Stamping

Neon gradient with holo stamping

      Hi everyone! I told you I would be playing with neons and holos again…so not to disappoint you, I did 🙂 I love the combination of neons and holos…neons and nudes…holos and anything really. Every nail polish addict has their preferences. I’m a holosexual first and foremost and then I would probably

Bornprettystore Ongle Liner Nail Art Brush Review

Pretty Little Liars Nail Art

      Hi everyone! Today I have the bornprettystore (affiliate link) Ongle Liner Nail Art Brush review for you. While I was waiting on this brush to arrive, I knew that I was going to need to freehand something for the review. Eek. Freehand is not my strong suit, so I was pretty nervous. I

KBShimmer Make My Gray

KBShimmer Make My Gray Revlon Cabana Queen zig zag nail vinyls

        Hi everyone! I have another gorgeous KBShimmer polish to show you today. I simply love crelly polishes (slightly translucent polishes with glitter particles). It took me ages to decide which KBshimmers I wanted to mule over to South Africa and this one made the cut 🙂 I also used proper nail

Lorelei Lacquer Bubblegum Princess

Lorelei Lacquer Bubblegum Princess

      Hi everyone! I have another cool indie polish that Pish Posh Polish sent me to show you today. Yes. I’m going to be saying that a lot. She sent me so many pretty polishes to play with! Lorelei Lacquer is a fairly new indie in the US if I understand it correctly,

piCture pOlish Fool’s Gold Swatch and Review

      Hi! I have another GORGEOUS piCture pOlish from We Heart Nail Art to show you today. We Heart Nail Art is an online store bringing imported brands to South African nail addicts. What I really love about this is that I can shop for these rather exclusive brands from the comfort of

piCture pOlish Obsession Swatch and Review

piCture pOlish Obsession Swatch with Top Coat

        Hi everyone! I have an exciting review for you today. The lovely Shann from We Heart Nail Art asked me if I would be willing to review some items from her store. If there is one thing that the nail polish community in South Africa are deprived of, it’s indies or