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piCture pOlish Obsession Swatch and Review

piCture pOlish Obsession Swatch with Top Coat

        Hi everyone! I have an exciting review for you today. The lovely Shann from We Heart Nail Art asked me if I would be willing to review some items from her store. If there is one thing that the nail polish community in South Africa are deprived of, it’s indies or

Magnetic Butterflies

Magnetic Polish with Butterfly Reverse Stamping

      Hi everyone! Today I’ll be showing you my second attempt at decals or reverse stamping. I made my first set of decals for this manicure and was SO BUMMED when the top coat I used dried to a milky/clouded finish. SO annoying! It’s an essence top coat that I purchased specifically for


I love this colour nail polish. Rudi doesn’t like it, he thinks it’s too bright. I think it’s lovely. It really makes a statement. What do you think? Related posts: Copy Cat