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I was silly. I just realized that my camera cable must be in my laptop bag. Where else would I put it? Silly me! I’m downloading a few images of the place that…I’ll take pictures of everything else once there is some order! Our bedroom Bedroom cupboards The bathroom – seperate shower! The rug I

Sick of being Sick

I’m feeling rather fragile this morning. I don’t know about you, but even I am tired hearing myself complain. I’m actually tired of complaining. It’s not like it helps. Or does it? I don’t think the tablets I was taking for the morning sickness are working anymore. I was feeling rather sick while taking them,

Birthday and more

My birthday was boring. I didn’t do anything the whole day, but that was the plan. I was on leave and wanted to sleep late and do nothing. Rudi called in sick – but he spent half the day at the doctor. He is such a hypochondriac. Every time he goes to the doctor they

Moving on…again

Rudi and I have made a decision to move…again. We have good solid reasons to do so…apart from the fact that all our neighbours (and friends) are moving within the year the owner of our unit is being an absolute bastard about maintenance and repairs in the unit. We have also heard about a few