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And another Monday

I received a call from the sonar specialist yesterday afternoon. She has made an appointment for me at Tygerberg Hospital next Monday. They have a special clinic on Mondays and she asked them to urgently fit me in. I will be seeing more than one doctor and they will collectively be looking at the scans

Another Monday

After how my last Monday went…I’m officially “Garfield” about Mondays. I am waiting for a call from the gynae. His receptionist said on Friday that they have received the results and report from the specialist and once he’s looked over it she’ll give me a call to schedule an appointment. She said she’ll call me

Test Results

The doctor called with the test results for the ‘short’ amnio. The test results have come back normal. This still leaves so many unanswered questions. To quote the specialist ‘there are too many loose ends’. The ‘long’ amnio tests take 3 and a half weeks by which time it would be too late to decide