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Holiday 2015 – Pic Heavy

In the blink of an eye our holiday and the festive season are over. I took a week off from 5 January and returned to work on 12 January. We tried to fit in as much activity with the kids as we could during that week. We started off the week by visiting my mother.

Avalon Springs 2014

For the past 4 years we have gone to Avalon Springs with my in laws for a weekend away. My father and brother in law celebrate their birthdays in September, so it is always around that time of year that we go. It is a lovely resort with hot springs and jacuzzis and we always enjoy


New Year’s Eve we spent with Camilla, Dennis, Shelley, Jonathan, Samantha (Camilla’s sister) and everyone’s kids. It was a relatively quiet evening. We had a braai and arranged that we sleep over so that nobody would have to drive under the influence. Babyice had a spill on the tiles and while he was screaming I

Doctors visit…

We went to see the gynae yesterday after work. He seems to be in good spirits after his holiday, even in the late afternoon. Not that he has ever been grumpy, but he was in a good mood and in the mood for joking around. Babyice weighs just over 3kg’s now. He estimates he will be around