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Three years ago I was reunited with my paternal grandparents. I wrote about that here. We recently visited them. On our last few visits my grandmother had been talking about going for testing as she thought she might have Alzheimer’s. On our last visit she confirmed that she had been formally diagnosed. She could not

Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

I wish I had supported my grandparents when My Evil Mother took everything they had. I wish I hadn’t tried to remain neutral for self preservation. My grandparents worked their entire lives for what they had and she took it all from them. She likes to tell me how I liked the fact that they

So much of being busy…

*phew* work has been such a shit storm it has been very difficult to get time to blog. I haven’t even really been taking lunch because I wouldn’t have been able to finish my work. Hecticness.   My Evil Mother has been causing much drama around me. My grandmother has told me that she sounds