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Franshoek Photos

As promised, my favourite photos of our time in Franshoek. Didn’t actually get *nice* photos, but there are a few I like… Creepy ass doll. I hate creepy dolls. This was at the museum in Franshoek. Rudi and I Stuffed animals…Again, creepy. And of course…the flower shot. Always have to have a flower macro in

I’m still alive!

Sjoe. Time for a proper entry. Work this past week has been utter hell. It has been the most stressful week I have ever had while working for The Company and I’ve been there for almost nine years. That says a lot. I’m quite annoyed that a new product was launched and that it doesn’t


Howdy. I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I’ve been enjoying a little leave with Rudi. I’ll be back to work and full time blogging on Wednesday. While I’m uploading photos to Facebook I have a little time to recap on what’s been happening lately. [Facebook is giving me the world’s trouble. I’ll