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On Friday night Rudi and I were heading to Cape Gate shopping centre for my aunt’s birthday dinner. We were standing at the traffic light approaching the mall. The car in front of us was waiting to turn right and had moved forward over the white line as the light turned green for us. Rudi


So my grandfather’s funeral was on Saturday. My grandfather planned his own funeral long before he reached the point where he would need it. He explicity said he did not want any casket in the church, chose the hymns he wanted the congregation/choir to sing and requested the bagpipes play Amazing Grace. My grandfather has

Today my Oupa died

This morning just after 8 AM my grandfather passed away. The nurse said she came to serve him breakfast and he was still sleeping. Ten minutes later when she came back he was gone. Nobody was with him at the time, but it would seem he died in his sleep. He fought a long hard