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You changed your hair, not your heart…

I’ve been getting good reactions to my hair, other than shock. My Evil Mother didn’t recognize me at church on Wednesday night. She walked past me several times and didn’t notice me until I walked up to her. My grandfather likes it. I didn’t expect that. I got so much flack last time I made


Ovulation pain is freaking killing me today! I hate it! Baby Daniel was born yesterday. I received the call shortly before 3PM. Here are some pictures: He is truly GORGEOUS!!! Nellie and Goliath are both thrilled and in awe of their new bundle of joy. I am completely ecstatic for them! For some reason with

Good Weekend

Finally I have found some time to blog. The Company launched a new product on Friday and it is experiencing some teething problems to say the least. Of course I am working in the department that deals with the customer complaints for this specific product. I’m overjoyed. Not. Other than that, life while not TTC