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Freaking marvellous. Despite all the exercise efforts last week, my poor eating habits are shining through. Perfect. Like I’m not depressed enough already. I must say that the weight has stayed the same and only shifted up once now…so I’m still doing *something* right. *Another* pregnancy was announced in the office yesterday. Now, I know

An answer

Finally an answer from mother nature. I’m not as disappointed or shattered as I thought I’d be. Suprisingly I’m taking it in my stride. Rudi and I discussed it and decided not to rush things and let nature take it’s course again, so I won’t be buying the ovulation microscope.There are positive points to not

No show

My cycle is still a no show. It’s officially 3 full days late. If it is late. I really don’t know what to think. Leebeesa recommended that I drink water (something I loathe to do) as this could assist in kicking in my cycle if it is meant to come. I HATE drinking water, but