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Lent For Liam – Reminder

It’s the end of the month and pay day for most…so don’t forget about Lent for Liam! R100 is all it takes! Bank details: LJ CadgerStandard BankBranch: NorwoodAccount Number: 006867480 Reference: Your Name / E-mail Paypal Reference: ljcadger@gmail.com I’ve contributed this month, will you? Other than that I’m really frustrated with the cold I have

It’s weekend…and I want to sleep

I’m so looking forward to sleeping late tomorrow. I would stay in bed the whole day if my schedule allowed. Rudi organized a braai or something with the people that my grandparents stay with. Willie grows his own chillies and reckons he can eat the hottest food that he can make. Rudi, being from Durban