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The Christmas Tree Saga with the Happy Ending

Finally! I got a Christmas tree! On Sunday we went to Sonstraal dam for a picnic and to be harassed by ducks and geese. Sheesh. Those ducks and geese certainly are very comfortable with people. They had absolutely no qualms coming right up to us and nosing around, obviously searching for food. No amount of “Shoo!” deterred

Christmas Tree Nails!

Merry Happy December!   December time is one of my favourite times of year. The atmosphere everywhere changes as people shift into holiday mode and I’ve particularly looked forward to starting Christmas manicures!   My first Christmas manicure was inspired by Christmas trees. I wanted to create a Christmas tree effect on my nails. I

Test results

On Tuesday I went to hospital for my glucose test. When I got there I had already been fasting for 12 hours. They drew blood for the first test to see what my blood sugar was after the fast. A reading of 9 or higher indicates that you are diabetic. My total came back as 5.

Congratulations Fairy Girl and Baldy!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Fairy Girl who gave birth to baby Logan today! Her husband (@baldy_za) alerted us to her arrival via Twitter. This has made me quite grateful that Rudi is becoming familiar with Twitter so he will be able to let all our friends know about Babyice’s arrival and how things are going with us.  

The Christmas tree…

…is up! I put it up on Saturday.   People think I am an absolute nut job because I put my Christmas tree up really early. Shurrup. I LOVE Christmas. The decorations, the holiday feeling (although I’m seldom on holiday during December/January)…the atmosphere…the shopping centres…everything about Christmas is awesome for me. It’s like the entire