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35 weeks

This past week has been exhausting. Work has been super busy and chaotic. I am SO looking forward to going on maternity leave! I’m working next week from Monday to Sunday and then I’m done! My porridge brains are starting to make it really difficult for me to function properly at work. Yes, they’ve been

It seems I will never be rid of her….

So the weekend begins. We went to visit Sarah and Brad last night at their new place. It’s HUGE. Personally I don’t understand why they need such a huge place, but whatever makes them happy! They have an AWESOME bathroom that has a corner bath with jets. I’m going to bath there. Sarah has been

So much of being busy…

*phew* work has been such a shit storm it has been very difficult to get time to blog. I haven’t even really been taking lunch because I wouldn’t have been able to finish my work. Hecticness.   My Evil Mother has been causing much drama around me. My grandmother has told me that she sounds