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Kicking the Antibiotics

Early last month I posted about trying to get my children off what felt like constant antibiotic use. The post was well received and I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one worried about this. I realize that the weather is starting to warm up and that means less illness, but it is


…runs in my household.   Our new burglar bars are up, but Amber doesn’t fit through them. It’s the only window in the house she can use to come and go…also the only one that requires burglar bars…and now she cannot fit through them. Everyone I know loves how fat Amber is…but in her defense…the

Birthday Weekend

On Friday at work I had a lovely back, shoulder, neck and foot massage during my lunch. I also had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. The lady doing my treatments must not have thought it was my lunch hour, as she kept me there for one and a half hours! Luckily nobody really noticed, except

My Evil Mother and Grandfather updates

So. Great news! My grandfather’s colon is cancer free. He is so elated by this news that he is even considering another round of chemo instead of the operation on his liver. The chemo will make him very ill, but he feels he will still be able to work when he is having chemo whereas


I already regret coming in to work. I am feeling very nauseous. I think there’s a bug going around. Other colleagues are also complaining about not feeling well. I’m sure the aircon is conducive to spreading this bug too, but bless the aircon. It’s going to be over 40 degrees again today. Pffft. I’m feeling

Spoilt Amber

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned how spoilt Amber (our cat) is. Mostly by Rudi. He is always referring to her as ‘beautiful’, ‘sexy’ or ‘gorgeous’ and insists on pampering her on a daily basis. We cannot sit or lie down without her being called to join us. At times I get irritated with