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Still sick

So after having a terrible night’s sleep on Friday night due to a clogged up nose, I decided to let myself use Illiadin only at night to help me sleep. I then managed to skip using it altogether on Monday and Tuesday, but had to go back to it last night again. Rudi gets particularly irritated if I lay sniffing instead of just spraying something in my nose (despite having explained drug induced rhinitis to him). Even when I do use spray overnight, when I get up in the morning an amazing amount of gunk manages to make it out of my sinuses. If my body can do anything well, it’s produce snot. My nose is raw from having to blow it all the time and I am really over being sick. I am dosing myself with Echinaforce (when I remember) and Vitamin C, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. I actually suspect that it is Babyice who made me sick in the first place. He started with a runny nose and recovered quite well, but I think that I might have picked up the bug with my compromised immune system and it is having a jol ravaging my body. Stupid bug. All this post nasal drip has also brought bag the horrible taste in my mouth that results in me inhaling sweets to prevent myself from feeling nauseous. Fanbloodytastic.


Tomorrow is our fetal assessment. I am not as scared as I was for our first scan, but there is still a part of me that is afraid to get excited. We might even be able to see the gender tomorrow. I will definitely blog/tweet any news we have. Any good news anyway, so keep an eye out 🙂


The day mother said the domestic said she’ll come to us again if we go and pick her up at a train station in another suburb. Rudi said she is mad in her head. In reality she has already disappointed us. We’ll be spending extra on petrol to fetch her, but she isn’t willing to pay the taxi fare to get closer to our house, despite an increase in pay. So in the meantime we will continue to hunt for someone else.