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Spice Route

I haven’t seen my friend Warren for about 2 years. We were at school together and were good friends and like to touch base with each other every now and then. After wishing him for his birthday we communicated briefly and decided to get together. He suggested we go to Spice Route in Paarl.


It was a scorcher in Cape Town and Paarl is well known to be one of the hottest areas in the peninsula, when it’s hot, it’s hottest there. I was worried about the kids and sunburn, but packed well to prepare.  We arrived just before 14:00 and headed over to the pizzeria which was abuzz with families, probably still from the lunchtime rush. While we were waiting for a table we sat outside on the green lawn under a tree and had something to drink. Once our table was ready we headed inside to enjoy some lunch. Elijah ran off at regular intervals as he had made friends. He really is a sociable chap. Gabby decided that daddy shouldn’t drink and drive and toppled over his draught. I enjoyed a gorgeous red wine with toasted garlic bread, brie and salami on a bed of lettuce. Rudi and Elijah shared a pizza while Gabby had some chicken nuggets and chips. We also had a cheese platter which came in handy when I ran out of cheese for my bread.


Once we were done with lunch we headed off to have ice cream. As we approached the building where the ice cream is sold we were overwhelmed by the most gorgeous smell of chocolate. I was intoxicated. It was heavenly. We went in to have some ice cream. They only have 3 flavours, chocolate, vanilla and espresso and they do them very, very well. The ice cream was hands down the best I’ve ever had.  I also bought some chocolate, which everyone in my household hates. I bought the cinnamon and chilli as well as the nib and salt which are both very dark chocolate and if you don’t like dark chocolate it won’t go down well. The flavours are subtle and mix in nicely with the smooth dark chocolate which does not just taste like cocoa. If you appreciate dark chocolate, try it!


Warren was lovely enough to buy me two bottles of wine which I am treasuring! I can’t wait till a day arrives where I can indulge in some wine again. I do have a glass every now and then, but find that it makes Gabby a bit cranky so I try to avoid it. If I only have one glass the bottle doesn’t keep very well either. Not sure if I’m storing it incorrectly or what, but I find the red wine sours quickly after I’ve opened it, even if I keep it on its side out of direct sunlight and heat.  You can also enjoy beer and biltong tasting on the farm, they have a wine cellar and a restaurant for the more refined palate.


Even though it was a hot day, we didn’t need hats or sunscreen. There was plenty of shade or we were indoors. There really is something for everyone here and I would definitely recommend a trip to this wine farm! I will certainly go again! We had such a lovely day I didn’t take a single photo. Maybe next time.