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Sore, Sarah and Sing Star

Heartburn is fun. Not. So after a suggestion at antenatal class last week I decided that we should elevate the head of our bed to prevent myself from waking up with really sucky heartburn in the middle of the night. So the night before last I decided to try it.


No heartburn in the middle of the night! Fantastic! Except…my legs went all funny. My skin felt tight, they were sensitive to touch and slightly achy. Reading this article sent me to panic stations and I phoned my gynae. They said if the pain gets any worse or if there is swelling and it doesn’t improve when I rest with my legs up, I should call so that they could move up my appointment. So I kept my feet up at work for as long as possible yesterday. Sitting with your feet up at a desk is not as comfortable as you would think, despite being told you should ‘put your feet up’ to relax your entire life. Crossing your legs is also a big no no.


So we removed the bricks from under the bed last night and when I woke up this morning it was considerably better *phew*. Just water retention then, still unpleasant though. I never thought water retention hurt, but apparently it does! I also woke up with heartburn again in the middle of the night. Looks like Gaviscon will be making a small fortune from me after all. No. Milk does not work.


Last night Sarah came over for some girl time. I haven’t seen her for a very long time so it was nice to spend some time with her. We very self consciously played with my new Sing Star game, until we realized that absolutely no skill is required to score. As long as the sound you are making fills up the bar on the screen, you’re winning. Singing the song the way you think it sounds or should sound will score you no points! Interesting that!


I really wanted Sarah to feel Babyice kick. He’s generally pretty lazy and if he does kick he only does it once or twice before he settles down again. He must have found a very comfortable spot in there. At some point he was moving around a bit and I told Sarah to put her hand on my tummy. About 10 seconds after she did he gave her a big kick right where her hand was and sort of dragged his foot around where she was feeling. It was so awesome! He’s only ever kicked directly at my own hand (he has done this once) and she says she’s never felt a baby kick like that 🙂 After that he settled down again. She e-mailed me today saying it was the highlight of her evening 🙂


I hope Rudi doesn’t have darts tonight. The league is busy playing finals and he might be required to attend. I would rather we play some Sing Star and perhaps I will even take another bash at baking a cake. Don’t fear! MeeA gave me a recipe she swears is full proof. She didn’t say fool proof…so there’s always a possibility I could stuff it up 🙂


You can say anything about me, but you can’t say I’m cowardly to try something again…even if it failed miserably the first time.