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Sleeping, scones and scared

We had an accident free potty training weekend! Babyice is doing very well with the potty training. The day mother is very impressed with him. Remember, she has been potty training children for the last 30 years, so she has a good idea what to expect. She didn’t expect him to catch on so fast and thought it would take him a lot longer to get the hang of things. I am super proud of him.


On Saturday he slept till 09:30! Officially the latest he has ever slept! He did wake up earlier than that and came to bed with us and asked us to watch DVDs, but we told him we were still sleeping and eventually he relented and went back to sleep with us. We woke up again before he did!


My sleeping beauty


I baked cheese scones on Saturday and also felt like having bread and butter pudding. Someone had tweeted about it and I wanted some. I found an easy recipe online and managed to make it with ingredients I already had in the house. I’ll definitely make it again. Our little monster has decided that creeping into bed with mommy and daddy at night is a good idea. On the one hand I don’t mind snuggling with him when he isn’t kicking me, but on the other hand I think we need to get him back into his sleep training routine. It is getting mighty cold as winter starts to set in and it is so nice for us all to be snuggled up together.


Cheese Scones



Leebeesa from Pink Penguin Jewellery made me a new chain for my bola so that I can start wearing it again once I’m further along:


New Bola Chain


I was booked off from work on Friday. After having a really bad runny tummy from Tuesday, I finally relented on Thursday and went to the GP. My regular GP wasn’t in the office, so I opted to go to the GP that usually sees Babyice. When Babyice saw him he said ‘My doctor!’. I thought that was SO adorable. It is the same GP that stitched up his face after his accident and they have been a pair ever since. He diagnosed me with gastro and said I should stay at home to rest on Friday. Firstly I was disgruntled about having to go to the GP and pay R300.00 for an appointment for something that some Immodium would have sorted out under normal circumstances and secondly I didn’t want to stay off work. We get penalised on our quarterly bonus if we are off sick. I had to weigh up my priorities and decide what was more important to me and eventually opted to stay at home. I was given some sachets to assist with rehydration, sachets that they give babies with runny tummies and some probiotics. I started feeling better by Friday evening and feel much better today. Since yesterday I have had nausea that is very rude. It is subtle, but very much there. It is making me rather nervous since the ladies room at work is quite a trek from my desk and I might not make it all the way there in case of an emergency!


My first gynae appointment is on Friday morning. I am excited, but scared and nervous too. I suppose the possibility that something could be wrong will always be in the back of my mind. My symptoms don’t feel as severe as they were before with Babyice. I don’t feel as sick (I haven’t gotten sick yet and am able to brush my teeth without doing so) and my breasts aren’t as sore. That makes me nervous. My skin is terrible this time around though. It literally looks like I have a rash on the one side of my face. I told a colleague about it and she remembered that someone else got her a ‘magic cream’ from her local pharmacy that you can use for all sorts of skin ailments. It is a concoction that the pharmacy makes themselves, so it isn’t a regular product you can buy off the shelf. She brought me some from home and after applying it twice a day for a few days there was a vast improvement! I have now purchased my own little tub. While I was at home I became lax and didn’t put it on and my skin broke out again. I started applying it again and my skin is looking much better. While I know each pregnancy is different, there is a little realist in my head whispering bad things to me. I have already received my mother’s blessing from our priest last week Tuesday and hope and pray everything is going to go well.


I am really hoping we’ll get to see a heartbeat on Friday and get a definite answer on how far along I am.