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Sleep Training – Night 8

Last night we went through our bedtime routine. As I walked away from him he started crying. I sat down for another minute or two with ‘Shhh’ and ‘Doe doe’. He continue to play around and I told him to go to sleep, covered him and walked out. He cried, but not for very long before he passed out.


Around 22:15 he started screaming/crying. A tantrum ensued. When we went to see what was going on (after letting him cry for around 10 minutes) we found him standing behind the door. I picked him up to put him back in bed and  writhing, kicking and screaming followed. I closed his bedroom door as Rudi had already started grumbling when the crying first started. Rudi came to intervene, but he was short and impatient. Upon seeing him Babyice calmed down quite a bit, he took him through to the lounge and tried to get him back to sleep. Eventually I went and took Babyice from him because he was clearly tense (the swearing was a critical clue). I shushed him and got him back to sleep. The process took about 20 minutes.


Around 4:00 this morning we heard him knock his head against the wall. He started crying, but we left him and it didn’t last very long.


Rudi’s words ‘This is taking too long. He is never going to come right.’


Oh ye of little faith. I WILL SUCCEED!