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Sleep Training – Night 7

Last night we hit a bit of a wobble at the going to sleep part. I followed the normal process and as soon as he was done messing around with his bottle I handed him his dummy, switched the light off, covered him with the duvet, said good night and walked out. He started crying. I was perfectly happy to leave him there to get over himself, but daddy caved and went in *sigh*. Rudi just sat on the chair next to him for a few minutes until he had settled and left the room while he was still awake. He went to sleep.


When I asked Rudi just now he says he woke up crying about 4 times last night. I only recall the one time though, around 03:20 (I must have been sleeping like the dead!). Rudi rolled over and told me to bring him to bed with us. I nearly smacked him, but told him to just keep quiet and leave him. Of course, he went back to sleep by himself. He woke up this morning around 06:00, which is perfect.


Babyice seems to have gotten the message regarding no more bottles at night. He hasn’t once tried asking for one since he was refused one that first night during his 40 minutes tantrum. If he is thirsty he will tell you so. While he was bathing last night he said ‘Juice’ a few times, so after his bath we helped him drink some water from a cup which he happily drank, before spilling some all over the front of his clothes. Rudi took him to¬†our room and dried his clothes with the hairdryer. Hairdryers are so versatile. You can use them for all sorts of things!


So we’ve been doing the sleep training thing for 7 days now and there are definite signs of improvement. I am really happy about this. I think if we keep persevering for at least the next three weeks (if needed) we can get this regime implemented. The coughing has subsided to a great extent. If we hear his chest is a bit noisy we give him some cough mixture to thin any mucus on his chest, but we find that we don’t have to administer it often. He seems to have a bit of a morning cough (is he smoking on the sly?) and during the day it gets better. I am really glad we haven’t had to resort to using the schedule 5 medication again, but we’ll keep it on standby in case we have serious issues in the future.


All in all we are getting more rest and Babyice is being resented for night after night of broken sleep. This was definitely a good decision to make. I really just need to get Rudi completely on board. He is such a softy. He constantly tells me that Babyice must be crying because he is cold. Babyice doesn’t like being covered and mostly kicks his blankets off at night. This concerns Rudi since we are covered and sometimes even have our electric blanket on and Babyice doesn’t have any blankets over him. My question to him then is, why does he go back to sleep? If he was really cold he would continue to cry, wouldn’t he? We also dress him warmly and sometimes he even sleeps with slippers on. I will dress him even more warmly tonight to ease Rudi’s worries.


Thank you for all the support!