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Sleep training – Night 2

Last night Rudi went off to darts and it was time to fight the sleep battle again.


I did the same I did the night before. Everything was ready in the room (I even remembered to put a towel down on the floor just in case), including the bottle filled with water. While I was reading Babyice bible stories, I noticed he was messing around with his bottle quite a bit. He kept rolling over or taking it out of his mouth. I sternly told him to drink his bottle a few times. When he was done I took it away, gave him his dummy and put the light off with a “Shhh. It’s doe doe time”.


Tossing/turning, standing up, scratching the bed bumper’s mesh, rolling, sitting up and so on. I was getting cold, so I put the heater on in his room, in case this was what was preventing him from sleeping. After sitting there for what seemed like an eternity and many recitations of  ‘Lie down!’, ‘Shhh’ and ‘Doe doe!’, I got up and I walked out. I closed the door behind me and didn’t say a word before I left. From the time we went in to drink his bottle I had spent about 40 minutes in the room. I waited for the crying to begin, but it didn’t come. I popped back into the room about 10 minutes later and he was fast asleep. I covered him and turned the heater down and went back out. I wonder if I should try walking out a lot sooner tonight. I am definitely considering it.


He slept through last night. At some point he did wake up and I could hear him moaning/crying (not very loudly). I didn’t get up. If it had escalated I may have gone to look, but it didn’t. I dozed back off and apparently so did he. He slept till about 05:30 this morning which suits me just fine!


I know that this is not the end of the battle. I know that we had a good night and I am grateful for that. I realize tonight might be very different. I have a bit of renewed hope though and some extra faith. The encouraging comments I received on yesterday’s blog post really help too!


Today my arms are tender from the ordeal we had the night before last. I suffer from DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and I’m only really feeling it today. This kid is going to give me big guns one day!