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Sleep Training – Night 16

High 5! Another perfect night for Babyice! šŸ˜€ That’s 3 in a row! Could it be? Is it possible? Has he learnt what I’ve been trying to teach him?


He still takes chances though, the bugger. I was reading him his story while he drank his bottle. I finished the story and he still hadn’t finished drinking.Ā The storiesĀ are too long to start reading another one, so I closed the book and waited for him. He had drunk about half when he passed it to me. I gave him his dummy, covered him, kissed him goodnight and put off the light. He sat up and started crying. I just said “Shhh. Doe doe” and continued to walk out. The second I shut the door the crying stopped. Not a peep out of him for the rest of the night, besides the occasional cough. He woke up this morning when Rudi went to fetch him. If I had faltered I think he would have pushed his luck further. Stay strong mommy!


We gave him some Prospan last night for his cough and some Illiadin in his nose to try and stop the post nasal drip that is causing the cough. It really seemed to help. The Prospan is supposed to calm down the coughing fits. I found that he coughed once, twice at most last night, instead of coughing repeatedly for a while. I really think itĀ made a difference.Ā I read the pamphlet and noticed that it is an all natural product. No sugar (it does contain fructose though), no alchoholĀ and it’s non-sedating (not that we would mind a bit of that every now and then :P). It is a bit pricey, but it comes in a fancy bottle that has a pouring spout that prevents crusty, sticky bottle topsĀ and a little measuring cup where the kids can drinkĀ the medicineĀ out of. It’s suitable for adults too. Perhaps give it a try when one of you has a cough again šŸ™‚


Two more nights and what was once ‘Mission Impossible’ will be ‘Mission Accomplished’!